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About Us

Medical Service Society (MSS) operates in the healthcare sector, focusing on upholding professional and ethical practices. Additionally, MSS collaborates with partners during times of calamities and strives to cater to the emergency medical needs of victims.

MSS is a core implementing partner of Vision 2026 Project.

Every person from medical fraternity and allied professions, subscribing to above views and committed to deliver ethical medial services to humanity, can become a member of MSS.

MSS activities address two of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Office Bearers

Dr. Muhammed Farooq



Dr. Syed Noman Hasan Razvi


(Vice Presidents)

Dr. Saiju Hameed


(General Secretary)

Dr. Muhammed Hussain



Mohamed Ajeesh T.K.




Dr. Mohammed Arif



(National Coordinator)


Vision 2016

In 2005, it all began with Vision 2016, a ten-year vision aimed at bringing sustainable change to marginalized and deprived communities living in the poorest conditions, primarily in the North and North-East states of India. Following an extensive year-long consultation process, a flagship project was launched to bridge the gaps between the seemingly distinct versions of India.

During the past decade, the focus has primarily been on the North and North-East states, where extreme poverty remains prevalent. However, the goals outlined in the Vision 2016 plan are far from being achieved. From the beginning, it was anticipated that the initial ten-year program would only be a portion of a much longer period required to accomplish the program’s objectives.

Vision 2026

This new plan, Vision 2026, follows the path set by the previous plan but with significant modifications. Drawing from the lessons learned during the former program, we are adjusting our approach to actively engage with a broader cross-section of the public. This will help us build a larger support base and attract more donors. Additionally, we will strive to forge numerous partnerships to enhance our impact and collectively work towards achieving the ambitious goals and targets set for the next ten years.

Through the Vision 2026 program, our objective is to create a just and harmonious society where everyone contributes to and cares for the poor, underprivileged, and exploited individuals. We aspire to make our society a better place to live, emphasizing shared responsibility and compassion.

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